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A belgian brasserie in Monte-Carlo

Its surprisingly Nordic-sounding name and punctuation immediately gives a clue to the character of the place, and means "Bon Appétit" in Flemish. The motto "ça goûte bien" ("it tastes good") completes this promise of gourmet discovery that is both familiar, yet exotic.


Facing the sea, Smakelijk! is inspired by Belgian brasseries of yesteryear, enhanced by a light art nouveau twist.


Its artistic direction is oriented towards a daring style, creating a marriage between 20th-century Belgian art nouveau and the authentic identity of brasseries. 

The decor is full of character: an harmonious mix and match between kitsch and contemporary in a warm atmosphere.

Smakelijk! offers an immersive experience in a neo-brasserie setting, boldly blending tradition and modernity.


The menu crafted by Chef Laurent Colin - Culinary Director – features Belgian traditional cuisine with a modern twist. Authentic Belgian specialties like Mussels with Belgian fries and Liège meatballs are on the menu, but also some original summer creations like the savory Brussels waffle with smoked salmon or crab meat. A collection of fresh salads inspired by Belgian gastronomy and some generous starters to share like the mix of croquettes (bitterballen, shrimp and cheese croquettes, falafels) are the perfect choice to enjoy a relaxed diner on the terrace with a gorgeous sea view.

This summer, Pastry Chef Julien Beaulieu has chosen a balance of indulgence and freshness with a selection of iconic Belgian desserts like the Brussels waffle with chocolate sauce and whipped cream, "Café Liégeois" ice and  "Dame Blanche" ice cream cups .

Smakelijk! is a celebration of Belgian gastronomy.




Head sommelier Jonathan Durante has created an exclusive list of Belgian wines and beers to provide a taste adventure with every sip. Belgian beer has been elevated to the status of national treasure and officially listed as a UNESCO cultural heritage since 2016.

Explore the rich aromatic palette of beers, with infinite nuances of flavour: bitter, floral, citrus, spicy, herbal, fruity...

All wine lovers are now curious to discover new vintages and crus.

The epicurean exploration of Belgium continues also with a curated selection of wines with a Brussels accent. Belgian winemakers have freed themselves from the specifications of designation of origin to offer original blends with unbridled creativity. Jonathan chose the Winery Gudule, which focuses on wines that tell a heartfelt story and inspire memorable encounters.

Smakelijk! is a Belgian microbrewery and wine cellar, an ode to the Belgian "bon vivant" spirit.